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Keep Your Car Running with Preventative Maintenance

Scheduled/Preventive Maintenance

We follow each manufacturer's specific guidelines and maintenance schedules regarding tune-ups, filter changes, fluid services, chassis lubrication, and timing belt replacement.  Our company prefers to use dealer parts when taking care of our customer's preventive maintenance, and to keep newer vehicles warranties valid.  At Storm's Automotive, our goal is to keep your vehicle running as long as possible and in the best possible condition. 

Advanced Diagnostics

Using modern equipment connected directly to your vehicle enables us to make the correct repairs the first time. We cover anything from lights on your dash to the weird noise coming out of the front end of your car. We can diagnose issues with your check engine light, ABS light,  or airbag light. The number-one mistake mechanics make is misdiagnosing the issue a vehicle is having, but we get it done with the right parts the first time. We also offer transmission repair if your transmission is shifting poorly or not shifting at all.

Staff Working

The Source For Your Auto Repair Solutions

At Storm's Automotive we have the skilled professionals who can work on anything from antique cars to present day models. Whether it is your engine, transmission, differential, brakes, suspension, electrical, heating, and or conditioning, we have the knowledge and experience to keep your car running at its best. 


We are fully equipped to troubleshoot and diagnose check engine lights, engine noises, oil leaks, coolant leaks, poor running conditions and we even replace engines when necessary.  

Working Under a Car


Some of the services we offer for your brakes are brake pad and rotor replacement, brake line repairs, ABS unit replacement, and ABS diagnostics. If your brake pads squeal, stop working, jerk in either direction, or have weird vibrations, we will figure out what's wrong. We use high-quality aftermarket parts or dealership-supplied parts. These parts last longer and provide the stopping power customers expect.  Providing safety and security for you and for your family. 

Air-Conditioning Services

Storm's Automotive is a full-service, licensed air-conditioning service facility.  We provide yearly AC service as well as comprehensive repairs including system evacuation, leak testing and detection, component replacement as well as climate control diagnosis and repair.  Once we are done you will be ready for the hot humid summer ahead.