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Auto Suspension Repair in Plainfield, NJ

When you feel in total control of your vehicle, the road is yours to roam. At Storm’s Automotive, we empower you to hug the turns and cruise the lanes with ease. We offer complete auto suspension repair in Plainfield, NJ, as well as the surrounding area. Our experienced team strives to deliver long-lasting results that accommodate your schedule and budget. Shock and strut replacement, as well as power steering repair, are available at our garage.

Control is one of the most important aspects of your automobile. Having proper handling ensures the safety of you, your passengers, and the vehicles around you. As such, it is important to be on the lookout when you are experiencing discrepancies to your normal driving routine. Identifying small problems now ensures they do not escalate into larger, costlier errors. Consider rolling into our garage for auto suspension repair when:

  • Steering Feels Loose or Delayed
  • Slight Bumps Feel More Jarring
  • Uneven Riding Even on Smooth Terrain
  • Vehicle Veers Slightly While Driving Straight

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Hassle-Free Shock and Strut Replacement

The shocks and struts of your vehicle distribute the energy that transfers from the road to your car throughout your time on the road. When your experience feels bumpier than normal, it can affect your ability to control. On uneven terrain, the simple act of driving straight can also pose a safety hazard to your passengers. Restore the comfort throughout your cab with our shock and strut replacement service. Our garage is equipped to service the popular makes and models, and we can even provide upgrades to your shocks and struts to increase your vehicle’s performance.

Power Steering Repair Restores Control

Power steering is a technology that many motorists take for granted. It helps reduce the amount of force needed for the driver to exert in order to operate the steering wheel. When you find that turning and parking maneuvers do not feel as smooth as they used to, count on us for power steering repair. We check your entire assembly and perform thorough diagnostics to find the root of your issue.

The Trusted Source for Auto Suspension Repair

Return to the road in absolute control. Our auto suspension repair garage is available for drivers of cars, trucks, and SUVs spanning the popular makes and models. Our trustworthy technicians find problems at the source and work to resolve them – without any tricks or hidden services. Our quality work is backed by more than 15 years of experience.

Contact us today to request an inspection for auto suspension repair services. We proudly serve motorists throughout Plainfield, Dunellen, Warren County, Berkley Heights, Mountainside, Scotch Plains, Edison, Summit, Green Brook, Union County, Middlesex County and Somerset Counties, NJ.